Gray Site Fossils on Exhibit

University of Tennessee


McClung Museum

One case of fossils is on display in the new Geology and the Fossil History of Tennessee exhibit.


Mural by Rob Wood, above case with fossils.


Detail of material on display.

Alligator bones, possibly Alligator mississippiensis, whose range extends back into the Miocene.

East Tennessee State University
Johnson City

Carroll Reece Museum

Temporary exhibit, The Past Comes Alive! Fossils from the Gray Site.
October 3 - November 24, 2002, museum foyer.



Two views of foyer of the Carroll Reece Museum

One of the cases along the wall featuring frog and turtle remains.


Several bones, a tusk, and tooth from a peccary.


Proboscidean (elephant or Gomphothere remains) in one of the centrally located display cases.


Another display case with an assortment of tapir bones.


Detail of case above, assorted tapir teeth.