Gray Site activities, spring and summer, 2002


Angular/subangular chert gravels interlayered with black clay. Approx . 1/2 to 2/3 natural size

Outside shelter looking in, early spring, with bags of excavated sediment and materials brought in for later use.

Cars line up as excavation is "open for business" late June, 2002.


Student and volunteer help inside the shelter, late morning before the summer sun turns it into an oven.


Students digging into undisturbed sediments beneath the capping layer applied by construction crews.


Careful excavation can reveal details about the life and death of these animals.


Exploratory excavation into northern part of deposit, the area underlain by black clays
and small blocks of dolomite bedrock.


Tables, for examining screened and sorted material previously removed.


Students exposing layers of black clay in embankment east of shelter.