Filming for Visitor Orientation,
June 15, 2006

Boston Productions ( ) was at the site filming for the visitor orientation presentation all week. On Thursday, June 15, they filmed at a nearby road construction project to take some background shots for context. There was a reunion of sorts; former Tennessee Department of Transportation employees Lanny Eggers came out of retirement, and Larry Bolt traveled from his job in Baltimore. Also present were Rick Noseworthy and Harry Moore from TDOT, Bob Price and Martin Kohl from the Tennessee Division of Geology, and Nick Fielder from the Division of Archaeology.

Lannie Eggers (orange)and Larry Bolt (red) re-enacting the discovery of the black layered clays for Boston
Production cameraman (crouching).


Martin Kohl, otherwise behind the (this) camera, finds some black
clay to spread on the ground before the filming at the Gray Site.


Action at the fossil site. Filming was by a low embankment of typical reddish clay over which black clays had been dumped at
some time in the past. Red clay was then put on top for the bucket scene, and black clay was spread out over otherwise
buff-colored ground for Larry Bolt and others to poke around in.


Activities and status, June 15, 2006

Black material taken from the museum construction site, awaiting screening and searching.


Shelter over Teleoceras rhino dig (right).


Shade makes precise work possible over long periods of time.


Closer view of skeletal material. Skull is under wrapping, top of image.


Imposing front facade of new visitor and interpretive center, seen from across highway.


Thermal insulation goes up in back.


Current view of pit, with construction just visible in the background. The alligator recently excavated by
ETSU staff was recovered from a layer near the top of the embankment just out of the picture to the
right. The same layer can be followed down to just beneath the boulder, where an alligator skull was
found in the early days of the fossil site.


Co-star (conspirator?) Robert Price poses by the boulder.