Gray Site Fossils on Exhibit

East Tennessee State University
Johnson City

Carroll Reece Museum

Temporary exhibit, More Fossils from the Gray Site.
October - November, 2003
Photos; Anne Whittemore

Partial tapir skeleton, plaster skull models for comparison.

"Elephant" bone fragments, order Proboscidea, suborder Elephantoidea, most likely family Gomphotheridae. Left, fragments from an "elephant" pelvic
girdle, and images of reconstructed shovel tusker gomphotheres Platybelodon and Amebelodon. Right, various bone fragments.

Tusk fragments and fragments from the end of a femur.

Alligator limb and pelvic fragments, and
Two alligator vertebrae, and reflections
from mirror behind display.
Alligator limb bones and scutes (ossified
dermal plates).

Teleoceras astragalus (left) ulna (center), metapodial (right rear) and partial tooth (right).


Chrysemys (painted turtle species): Order Testudines (turtles, tortoises, and terrapins);
family Emydidae (pond turtles); subfamily Deirochelyinae; Genus Chrysemys.