Recent Activities,
September 21, 2004

Shelter erected over excavation for the Teleoceras find. It is constructed of struts and supports from
the TDOT shelters shown elsewhere. Edge of northern (Fulkerson) step cut is in upper left edge, "Big Rock"
lower left corner.


Teleoceras excavation beneath blue canopy, looking north. While the top six inches or so is disturbed material, the light-colored angular
blocks of dolomite mark an in-situ stratigraphic horizon immediately above the skeleton. The body lay generally tail to left, neck to right.
The head is anticipated in the block of sediment in front of or just to the right of the excavator (
please provide name).


Another view. A cervical (neck) vertebra is visible just below the center of the picture, resembling the end of a sewer pipe sticking out of
the mud near the water line. The anticipated skull should lie just beneath or beyond the white buckets. Objects under and in front of the
excavator are blocks of the dolomite bedrock.


Previously excavated fill material being left out to dry under the shelter. Besides abundant fragments of bone, there is a large component
of crushed limestone perhaps brought in during road construction.



Bags of fill from the Rhinoceros site awaiting processing, north shelter looking north.



Wet processing vats, southeastern shelter looking southwest toward Route 75. Note blue canopy in the background. The larger pile of
spoil from the new Fulkerson Farms excavation (below) is just northeast of here, beyond the fence to the right of this view.



Slumped material, September 2004. Wall is nearly 5 feet high.